Article a la web on parla de Dalícatessen

Article a la web on parla de Dalícatessen In Spain, approximately 80 miles north of Barcelona along the AP 7 (Auto Pista 7), you’ll find Figueres, the birthplace and resting place of Salvador Dali. It is also the site of the Salvador Dali Teatro y Museo – which is definitely worth a visit. And even more enjoyable and less surreal is the (note the spelling) Dalicatessen. Located about 50 meters down the street from the museum, Dalicatessen certainly gets an «A+» for its super clever name. Priced at just over one Euro per cup, Dalicatessen scores way past the triple digits on its Café Cortado. Quite more satisfying than in a Dixie cup, the coffee is served in a small glass (ironically resembling the size and shape of said Dixie cup) by the friendliest barista/Café owner in Catalonia. Fluent in English, Marte is filled with that true Spanish passion usually found in their music and dancing – except his focus is on incredible coffee and warm conversations. Oh, Dalicatessen also has a lovely counter of fresh sandwiches, pastries and other Spanish yummies. Dalicatessen is welcoming, the bathrooms clean. Whether you sit at the coffee bar, in a booth or outside admiring the façade of Salvador Dali’s baptismal church, you will undoubtedly enjoy the best Café Cortado that Spain has to offer. And when you go, tell Martí that Wendelyn sent you.,0

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